Saturday, 21 January 2012

fearing the worst. or, how you react to the news you may be dying when you are a little OCD

To-do list:
  • get all those digital photos on my hard-drive printed off
  • fill up all the empty entries in the baby books
  • make a quilt for each of the girls out of the outgrown baby clothes
  • make sure there are no emails, texts, facebook messages, or old love letters that might upset anyone
  • find out if my life insurance includes critical illness cover
  • find out if my union offers any death benefits
  • cancel our hot air balloon flights
  • go through the list of unmarried women I know to find a suitable step-mother for my children
  • ask for a refund on my allotment rental
  • print off all the messages I've received this week so one day, the girls know their mother was liked and loved and cared for
  • write letters for each of my children to open on important days: their wedding day, the day they graduate from university, the day their first child is born
  • tell everyone, even the people who will be embarrassed by it and the ones who may not love me, that I love them
  • knit next winter's woolly hats
  • record myself reading books so they don't forget the sound of my voice
  • figure out how to not cry whilst making a video message for the kids
  • choose the poems and songs
  • write a will
  • donate my hair to a wig charity
  • get the kitchen finished
  • organise, at last, the mess of important papers
  • compile one central list of addresses and phone numbers for friends and families
  • get this year's Christmas cards written and addressed
  • decide if I should include my name on them
  • have a party
  • get a really good family photo
  • teach my husband how to do French plaits and how to use the nit comb
  • teach my husband about sanitary towels, tampons and training bras
  • make more lists

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  1. This has made me cry. Did you do any of them?